Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 19

The climb up Blood Mountain today was not as difficult as I expected but the descent was painful! Lots of rocks, steps, and steepness. Not so good on the knee. I only hiked about three miles today to Neel's Gap, where I am staying at the hostel at Mountain Crossings. When I arrived, there was a church group grilling hamburgers on the back patio! Love free food. I got a shower and did laundry and feel very refreshed. On top of all the magic, the employees of Mountain Crossings threw a birthday party for the owner...more free food! I resupplied here as well and got myself a pack cover and a fuel bottle (an empty pop bottle--top of the line!) that hopefully doesn't leak. I also went to buy some toilet paper (one of the super expensive and super tiny "camping" toilet paper rolls), and the store employee handed my money back to me and said, "Have you checked the ladies room?" and made a rolling motion with his hands. Seriously? So, I went to the bathroom and got some toilet paper. Works for me.
So, the knee stills hurts and if it's still bothering me by Hiawassee I will have to do something about it. I'm hoping it's not. I talked to someone here at Mountain Crossings who said it might be a problem with my meniscus...not what I want to hear! I've never torn or broken anything so I don't know what that pain is like, but this feels like more than just a tired knee. We'll see what happens in the next few days.
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  1. Funny how trail burgers taste like the best steak you ever had! LOL! Hope the meniscus is ok. I had to take a year break off of hiking due to a torn meniscus. It's probably not torn, just aggravated. Are you wearing a brace or have it wrapped? Might want to for these first couple of hundred miles.
    Good luck!