Monday, April 18, 2011

April 10

The stay at Standing Bear last night was good and I slept pretty well. This morning the 6 of us went together and bought from the resupply 18 eggs, a pound of bacon, ham, and cheese, and Shepherd cooked us all breakfast in the little kitchen area. Delicious!
I headed out this morning a little after 9 and began the climb up Snowbird Mountain...the LONG climb. The four miles took about 2 hours and the day grew hotter and hotter as time progressed. It was clear and sunny and the heat was nearly unbearable, but the view from the bald at the top was worth the effort. We had 13.6 miles to go today and they were tough in the heat. Lots of uphill coupled with fatigue from yesterday made for some slow going but I finally made it to the top of Max Patch around 5:30. AJ has an uncle who lives nearby and he met us here and brought food for all of us! Incredible. He had a footlong sub and a pound of potato salad for each of us. And yes, I ate it all...yes, an entire pound (800-ish calories) of potato salad. He also brought apple fritters for dessert. A-mazing...thanks Uncle Bob!
The view from the patch is incredible...360 degrees of mountains looming in the distance. There are several people camped up here tonight...we are cowboy camping (sleeping under the stars) but set up our tents as well as there is a chance of rain early morning. I'm laying now beneath the stars and enjoying this peaceful night out in the open with good company. After what was probably the toughest day on the trail for me so far, this is exactly what I need. I can't think of anything more beautiful than a clear night sky and a content spirit.
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