Monday, April 18, 2011

April 12

I love zeros! I slept in till 8 this morning and woke up stiff and sore! We lounged around the house for the morning doing laundry and drying all of our gear. Around noon the six of us took AJ's grandma's van and headed to REI where I returned my broken boots for a brand new pair! (REI's return policy is amazing!) An eyelet on the left boot was broken and some of the tread was peeling off as well. I ended up getting the same shoe again so we'll see if these hold up any better. We then headed to Walmart for resupply shopping and then to a Mexican restaurant for a late lunch.
Yesterday we had stopped at a grocery store and gotten food to cook breakfast but that didn't we decided to have breakfast for dinner. Around 9 o'clock tonight we started cooking...AJ fried bacon, Muffin Man made biscuits and gravy, I cooked pancakes, and Shepherd made scrambled eggs. It was all delicious! This was a wonderful zero day and staying in a house has been awesome! Tomorrow it's back to the trail with new boots and full packs!
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