Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 16

One month on the trail! In some ways it seems I have been out here longer but in others, the days seem to be flying by. Time is strange out here; each day seems long and drawn out but the progression of days is so natural that it's difficult for me to believe it's been a month already.
It rained during the night but stopped early morning. I didn't leave camp until 8:30 and it started sprinkling shortly after. I had forgone my rain gear in hopes of getting lucky, but after a few bouts of sprinkles the real rain began and I rushed to get my pack cover and rain jacket on before I was entirely drenched. The forest was very green today and the rain gave a tropical forest-like feel to the trail. It rained for about 45 minutes and then the clouds passed and blue sky and sunshine appeared. I was dried out in about an hour and I met up with Fiber and AJ and hiked with them to the nearest shelter for lunch. We continued on in the sunshine and wind for 5.9 more miles to Low Gap, where we are camping after a 14.7-mile day. There was lots of climbing today but I felt strong and didn't have much difficulty. The six of us are camped here along with Rambling Man, Spit Walker, Click and her father (can't remember his name), and James and Jen. The clouds rolled back in around 4 and it's been sprinkling sleet periodically throughout the evening. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and we have another moderate day planned: 14.8 miles to a shelter. Hoping to stay dry tonight!
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