Friday, April 29, 2011

April 17

The sleet I mentioned yesterday continued through the night and we woke this morning to ice covering all of our tents...a COLD morning! My water was slushy as well. It took awhile to get up and running (it's hard to pack when your fingers are numb!) and I left camp around 9. The first climb of the day was up Big Bald...a tough climb but so beautiful...the trees and grass were all covered in a layer of ice and the sun was shining...the whole world was silver! The wind was still blowing hard and I struggled at times to walk straight on the trail across the bald. I stayed for a few minutes to get pictures but the wind was chilling me despite my bulky layers. The trail after that climb was generally downhill with a few steep climbs along the way. I felt good and felt even better when we got some trail magic right before Spivey Gap! Snot Rocket and Dingleberry, AT class of '03, gave us some Pringles and Oreos...delicious! The trail was beautiful and the weather was sunny and cool...perfect for hiking. We arrived at No Business Knob Shelter before 4 and debated moving on for a few more miles to get closer to Erwin, but ultimately decided against that. We will hike the 5.7 miles in the morning.
While hanging my bear bag tonight, the rope somehow got tangled around the carabiner so the bag got stuck in the tree. AJ tried to free it, then Fiber jumped in, then Muffin Man, and when they still couldn't get it, Spit Walker joined the crew. They ended up pulling on the rope until the limb broke and came crashing down. A hilarious ordeal that was recorded on video on several cameras. Thankfully I got my food bag back and seemingly in one piece. Thanks, guys!
The past few days have been good, and although my feet hurt, the rest of my body feels great. I'm looking forward to getting into Erwin tomorrow and taking a shower!! will be a week, since last Monday, since I've had a shower. A personal record, I think!
Aaaand, there's an AYCE pizza place in town!!
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