Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 2

My first zero day was amazing! I would have enjoyed sleeping in but I woke early and ate my usual Pop Tart breakfast overlooking the morning on Fontana Lake. Absolutely wonderful. Once the temperature rose a bit we all set up our tents to dry out (and air out). I cleaned my muddy ground sheet for my tent and aired out the sleeping bag as well. It feels so good to be clean but I know everything is just going to get dirty again in a few days! Tomahawk, Muffin Man, Pappy, AJ, Phil, and I hung around the shelter all day and Shepherd and Cricket both got rides into town...Shepherd brought back supplies for smores!! Towards evening lots of other people started showing up so the shelter is a bit more crowded than last night. We all ate smores around the campfire and someone even (carried! and) made a pot of popcorn to share. A great night.
My knee felt great today but my right foot is sore across the top. I don't know if maybe I have been lacing my boot too tight or what, but I think the rest that I gave it today will be beneficial.
Tomorrow we'll head into the Smoky Mountains...starting with a huge climb out of Fontana Dam. I hear the Smokies tend to be cold and have poor weather so we'll see what happens.
It's been such a luxury having bathrooms, water, and trash cans readily available these last few days so going back into the woods seems a bit foreign! But, I'm clean and rested a ready to knock out some more miles!
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  1. Awesome, Lindsey, Thanks for posting and giving us some details. Keep us posted and have fun!!!


  2. Awsome! Thanks for sharing the trail life with those of us that just dream of hiking the AT. Your doing great!


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  4. Hi Lindsey,

    I'm an aquaintence of your uncle in New Hampshire, we belong to the same Ham Radio club, he told some of us of your trip.

    It takes a lot of pluck to begin the AT and you seem to be moving right along. From your earlier posts you seem to be an accomplished hiker, you've made some great gear choices. Years ago I considered the hike but never found the commitment. Weight intimidated me, my weekend hikes would put my pack at 35 pounds, I figured the AT would put me at 40+. Gear has gotten so much lighter over the last 10 years.

    Keep up the pace and I look forward to reading more of your exploits. I'm anticipating reading when you cross over into New Hampshire. I may be biased but the White Mountains are the most spectacular on the eastern seaboard. I think we have more 4000 footers than any state on the AT.

    Enjoy your hike and take care of that knee