Friday, April 29, 2011

April 20

Shopping list: new food bag.
Muffin Man has lost his rope so he hung his bear bag with mine last night. I went to retrieve them this morning and couldn't get them down; Tomahawk tried to assist but he couldn't get them either. The tree limb flexed a lot so when pulling down on the rope, instead of the bag going up (PCT method), the whole branch sagged. Muffin Man came to help and he was able to pull it down far enough to unclip the bags. I unclipped both--his came off but mine stuck, so it shot back up along the rope, came loose, and came crashing down to the ground. Being a watertight, airtight bag, the force of the landing literally blew the top off of the bag. Unfortunate but incredible. The rope was also stuck in the tree, so Muffin Man, Pappy, Fiber, and Veto had to once again break the limb down retrieve the rope. Crazy! So, my food bag is dilapidated but Muffin Man has another draysack that I slipped mine into for hanging tonight.
I left camp alone around 8 and the sky was started sprinkling about a half hour later and did that for most of the morning until about 10:30 when it started to actually rain. It didn't last long and I had my rain gear off by noon. The trail was mostly uphill today but it was a gradual climb until Unaka Mountain so it wasn't too difficult. The mountain's summit is covered in spruce trees and it was a beautiful setting...I love evergreens! Lots of flat spots too that would be great for camping but I had to knock out a few more miles. Tonight I am tenting at Cherry Gap Shelter...lots of people here...probably 10 tents scattered about plus a full shelter. Shepherd caught up to us today as planned so the group is back together!
It started sprinkling about 8 and has been raining lightly since. A section hiker here said the chance of rain tomorrow is down to 20% so I'm hoping I won't have to pack up in the rain in the morning!
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