Friday, April 29, 2011

April 22

The day started cold and wet and stayed that wasn't raining when I woke but the rain began around 8 and lasted for a few hours. Fiber, Veto, and I left the shelter in full rain gear and headed down Roan Mountain on the stream/mudhole of a trail to Carver Gap where we detoured to the parking lot because the guidebook showed a bathroom there...a luxury for a thru hiker! Most everyone from the shelter had the same idea so we each took our turn and then headed uphill across a few balds. The wind was cold and drove the rain in our faces; the balds surely would have had gorgeous views had the skies been clear, but visibility was probably only about 50 feet. We planned to meet at Overmountain Shelter to discuss the plans for the night...we made quick time of the 7.3 miles and were here by noon (except for Shepherd who showed up this afternoon). We had talked about moving on but decided to park here as we were all cold and wet and didn't feel like going back out into the weather. We've been sitting around doing nothing all afternoon and it's been wonderful. There are lots of people here, about 23 inside with several outside in tents as well...the shelter is a big barn and we are on the second floor. Supposedly there is a good view from here but it's so foggy we can't see a thing. It's going to be a chilly night but the weather should clear up a bit tomorrow.
So this morning I had a total logic lapse and kept my phone and camera in my rain jacket pocket as it was raining. When I stopped at Carver Gap I pulled them out to find them wet...not my proudest moment. The camera seemed okay but the phone wasn't working was still on but the touch screen wouldn't work. I stuck them in a plastic bag and kept hiking. When I got to the shelter I took the phone apart and put it in a ziploc with a silica gel packet. The touch screen is still "touchy" and doesn't work quite right but that seems to be the only problem. I have insurance on the phone so I may have to find a Verizon store if the problems persist. Thankfully it's still functional for now...if my battery will hold out for a few more days!
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