Friday, April 29, 2011

April 24

Being down by the river, we woke to a heavy dew covering everything...I had what seemed like a gallon of condensation in my tent! Muffin Man and I left camp and set out for a 14.9-mile day. The terrain wasn't too difficult--lots of meandering and small ups and downs--but the day was hot and sunny and the heat saps the energy right out of you. We did cross the 400-mile mark!! Muffin Man outlined a "400" with sticks in the gravel road where we reached the milestone and everyone took pictures...very exciting!
After a lunch break with Muffin Man, Fiber, Veto, and Tomahawk, I was moving slowly and feeling sluggish. We all took another break at a shelter a few miles from our intended destination and then pushed on to mile 410.5 where we are camping in a field along with Step n a Half and Jeannette, Pace, Porter, Tomahawk, and a few others who moved in after dark. It's been just another day on the trail even though it's Easter Sunday...strange to think about what my family was doing today and the fact that I wasn't with them. My Easter dinner was Ramen, beef sticks, a candy bar, and a protein bar...unconventional, but no complaints! We're headed into Hampton tomorrow for cleaning and resupply...and food, of course!
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