Friday, April 29, 2011

April 26

Lots of inspiration in the woods today...

I saw today the edge of morning
The breath, the life, the light and glory
I knew when my eyes first began to see.

I heard today the breath of choosing
The narrow path I'm through with losing
Forgotten but now clearly set for me

I felt today the inspiration
The voice that breathes through all creation
And I knew that I had something more to be

I know that there is so much more to be

Today began slow. I woke around 6:30 and just sat by the river for nearly an hour. So peaceful! I didn't leave camp until 9--the last one out except for Tomahawk--but it felt good. The trail began with a climb, continued with a descent, and ended flat...not bad. I caught up to the group at Shady Recreation Area where we took a nice mid-day break at Watauga Lake. I took advantage of the restrooms and water nice! Unfortunately Muffin Man is having some trouble with his shins so he is staying at Kincora Hostel until they feel better--hopefully he will be able to catch up! We hiked only 7.6 miles today to Watauga Lake Shelter, but decided we wanted to camp by the lake so we actually southbounded for about a 1/2 mile back to a campsite. I'm glad we did because it's beautiful! Spit Walker and Tomahawk are here as well. Damascus by Thursday night is the plan...shower, shower, shower!
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