Friday, April 29, 2011

April 27

We've been lucky to avoid the rain the past few days! Morning on the lake was beautiful. I decided not to wear my watch today or look at my guidebook while on the trail. Since my phone is dead, I knew I wouldn't be using it and wouldn't see the time, so it was a good opportunity to go "timeless". The biggest difficulty was timing my water purification but I just gave it a good estimate. I have to say, it was pretty neat to be free from time today--no watch, no deadlines, nothing but to walk north. Very simple and very enjoyable.
The trail was more level than it has been and I felt good all day. I hiked most of the day with the group minus Muffin Man. Pappy, Veto, and and I are planning a "marathon" day into Damascus tomorrow--26.4 miles! Should be exciting. Shepherd and Fiber moved on ahead a few miles and will get into Damascus Friday morning. I cannot wait to get a shower and be clean! It will be 10 days--a record for sure! Looking forward to the rest that awaits, and to crossing into Virginia tomorrow!
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