Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 4

A windy night gave way to a windy but sunny and pleasant morning. The six us of left the shelter around 8:30 and enjoyed some moderately easy hiking for the first several miles. We knew the weather was supposed to turn later but the sun was bright and hot for the entire hiking day. We had a few tough climbs, including Rocky Top! Using my phone, I played the song on the summit (and took a nice video of the ordeal). We had a few more tough climbs but eventually made it to Derrick Knob Shelter where we are staying tonight. We knew it was supposed to storm tonight and the rain started around 4:00. I didn't feel like standing out in the cold, wind, and rain to cook dinner so I just ate cold food from my food bag: a protein bar, some sausage snack sticks, a pack of pop tarts, a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, and a candy bar for dessert. I estimate about 1500 calories...not bad! The only problem is that now I'm short on lunch food and snack food, but we should be to Gatlinburg on Wednesday for resupply. I think I'll be okay until then.
This shelter again has tarps across the front to block the wind and rain. My guidebook says it sleeps 12 but we have 18 in the bunks, 2 on benches, and 3 on the ground. A cozy night! One person, Full-Time (also from Ohio!), is in a tent outside, and Morphine is sleeping on the ground under the overhang outside. Always room for one more in the rain, right? I'm just hoping I won't have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night because I won't be able to get outside!
Also, the roof is leaking and I can feel the splashes from each impact on my face. As Pappy, who is sleeping next to me, puts it, at least we'll be clean in the morning!
Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler with a chance of snow showers in the morning. Because of the shelter spacing in the park, we can either do a short easy day or a long hard day. It's all going to depend on the weather...so here's to hoping for dry weather, warm weather, and more memories!
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