Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 5

You know the rain I mentioned yesterday? We woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow on the ground! A very, very cold but very, very beautiful morning. It was still snowing in the early morning but was mainly just blowing when the six of us left the shelter around 9 and headed out into the white wilderness. Again, it was beautiful! It was obvious in just a few minutes how much harder my leg muscles had to work in the snow as opposed to bare trail! We clawed our way uphill and basically slid our way down. I felt strong though and we made some good time this morning despite the wintry conditions. We had planned to do only 7.2 miles because of the weather but Phil, AJ, Muffin Man, and I were feeling strong when we reached our intended destination so we left a note in a shelter log for Pappy and Shepherd and continued on to conquer Clingman's Dome! The weather was clearing so we were hoping for some great views of the snowy mountains. The climb to the top was windy and cold but not too difficult, and thankfully the skies were clear! Shepherd had caught up to us so we waited just a few minutes for Pappy and then made our way up the observation tower to enjoy the incredible views and get some group pictures. It was soooo cold and windy at the top but it was neat to be there since I've been there before. The difference this time is that I walked there instead of drove...a very cool feeling. There were some tourists there who said the temperature down in the parking lot, a lower elevation, was 34 degrees! Definitely believable. We were all freezing so we quickly got moving on the trail. It was very slick with all the snow and rocks...there were actually times where we were just walking on sheets of ice! I had a few slips and close calls but thankfully didn't fall. Tonight we are at Mt. Collins Shelter and once again, it's crowded! Twenty-one people inside. We should stay warm..it's supposed to get down to 20-ish tonight!!
Tomorrow we go into Gatlinburg...so excited for warmth, food, and cleanliness!
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