Monday, April 18, 2011

April 8

I got my first full night's sleep on the trail last night! I didn't wake until 6:30 this morning and felt very refreshed! I visited the privy and retrieved my bear bag and sat down in the dim morning light to enjoy a breakfast of pop tarts and peanut butter. Everyone else in camp began to stir and we left camp at 8:16 for a 12.6 mile day. After a mile or so we arrived at Charlie's Bunion, a rock outcropping, and took turns climbing out on the rocks and getting pictures. It was beautiful and thankfully pretty clear.
The trail today was beautiful despite the threat of rain that lingered in the sky. We had some wonderful views and hiked through dense pine forests covered with needles and moss. Everything was so green! The weather was warm and comfortable and we arrived at Tri Corner Knob Shelter around 3. We played our standard game of Greed (I won again!) on the top bunk, cooked dinner, and have just been hanging around talking and laughing all evening. It's been another great day; I have really loved the Smokies! Tomorrow we are going to try to push 18.3 miles, our biggest day yet, to Standing Bear Hostel where Daisy will join us once again. We will also leave the Smoky Mountains behind and continue through Tennessee!
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