Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March 24

Hello, North Carolina!
When I tried to upload this post the first time, there was an error and I lost everything, so this is a brief summary of what I wanted to say.
We crossed into North Carolina today! Bobby, Don, Phil, AJ, and I were present at the sign so we all took a bunch of pictures there and again at a gnarled tree soon after the border. The new state welcomed us with two very steep climbs out of Bly Gap! Probably the steepest yet. The weather was quite a bit cooler as well, with lots of wind. We're staying at Muskrat Creek Shelter and it is going to be a cold night! I'm sleeping inside with 5 other people and a dog so we should be able to stay warm without much trouble.
Georgia blessed us with great weather and great memories; I'm excited to see what North Carolina has in store!
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