Thursday, April 7, 2011

March 31

Lots of miles today! To make it to Fontana Dam on Friday, the group decided to push today and do 15.2 miles to Cable Gap Shelter. We thought it would be a somewhat easy day but the infamous Jacob's Ladder was hidden in the crease of the book. The trail in this section gained more than 500 feet in just 1/2 mile...very steep! I hiked with AJ, Phil, and Muffin Man for most of the day and we trudged along into the fog. Mid afternoon, the temperature dropped significantly; we actually got some freezing rain for about an hour or so. As long as we were moving the temperature wasn't much of a factor but once we got into camp we had to bundle up to stay warm. I'm sleeping inside the small shelter with Muffin Man, Phil, AJ, Pappy, and another thru-hiker (not sure on the name). Hopefully being so close together we will stay warm...the low tonight in Bryon City is 28; it will surely be colder here. Thankfully the rain has stopped. Tomahawk and Cricket got a fire going to we were able to warm up around it. So nice! Tomorrow will be a short day into Fontana and we're taking a zero there. My body is ready for the rest!
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