Monday, May 2, 2011

May 1

As I expected, it was difficult to get back to the trail today!
We spent the morning leisurely packing up, ate breakfast at Cowboy's, visited another outfitter, and after some procrastination, shouldered our food-laden packs ("seriously guys, let's take just one more day off..."), and hit the trail by noon. We took it slow and didn't really have a plan for a destination. We talked to a dayhiking couple who said there were some nice campsites along the river so we decided to seek one out...but not before a bit of trail magic! Someone left beers and sodas near a road crossing so we took a short break there, walked a few more minutes, and found a beautiful spot near the river and the Virginia Creeper Trail. It's just the five of us and it's been a lazy day of only about 5 miles and lots of laying around. Veto got a fire going and we've been enjoying that for the evening.
On the trail today I noticed my pack didn't feel quite right. The entire thing seemed to sag and the waistbelt was pinching me. Then I heard a popping sound that I thought was the framesheet cracking or buckling. Upon further examination, I found that it's beginning to rip out at the bottom.'s an REI Flash 65 and fits me well so I'm pretty annoyed that it's not holding up. No phone service tonight so I will call REI when I have the opportunity...hopefully it doesn't get any worse in the meantime. It's certainly usable but I'm worried the entire framesheet is going to just bust out of the bottom of the pack. That would not make me a happy camper...
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