Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 11

I stayed dry last night! I was on a very level spot which I'm sure had something to do with it. It rained throughout the night but never very hard. Lots of lightning though, and a huge explosion of thunder around 10:30 that woke everyone up; my heart was pounding for like, 10 minutes afterward! Thankfully it wasn't raining when I woke up so I left camp for an easy 6 miles to a road crossing, and there was Freight Train! Veto and Pappy were already there along with a few other people from the shelter last night. Freight Train gave us sodas, cookies, and other snacks and then we all hit the trail. We planned for 16 miles to Trent's Grocery near Bastion and arrived there mid afternoon. We got burgers and ice cream and decided to keep hiking for 2 miles and camp near Dismal Falls. Freight Train had camped here last year on his hike and had said it was a nice spot...and it is! It's crowded though...the five of us plus Maps and Pacemaker and a section hiker. The falls is small but we can hear the rushing water from our campsite. It sprinkled a bit this evening but it passed quickly.
Freight Train recommended the stove I am using, a Caldera Cone by Trail Designs, but I have been having problems with my cone separating beneath the weight of my pot. I had him take a look at it and he informed me that I've been putting it together wrong this entire time! Ha! We had a pretty good laugh about that; I'm excited to cook now and use it correctly!
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