Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 12

It rained just a bit last night and I woke early (and dry!) this morning. Freight Train and I were the first out of camp and we set out in the humid morning for a 12-ish mile day to Woods Hole Hostel. The first 6 miles were flat but I wasn't feeling strong and they were difficult for me. We took a break at Wapiti Shelter and began our only significant climb for the day, about 1300 feet. I struggled up the mountain slowly (Freight Train is in better shape than I am I think, and he hasn't hiked much since last year!). The day seemed long but when there were only 1.4 miles left I got a burst of energy (town speed?) and Freight Train and I pushed to see how fast we could complete it...27 minutes! Not fast but still fun. We waited for Pappy at the road and headed .5 miles down to Woods Hole Hostel. We are all tenting here as it's cheaper than staying in the bunkhouse. I got a shower and used the homemade Amish soap that was supplied...amazing! Michael and Neville, the owners, weren't cooking dinner tonight so we ate out of our food bags and I ate a pint of delicious homemade ice cream for dessert. There are several people staying tonight, around 20, and some have been watching a movie inside and others talking around the fire pit. The day began difficult but has turned out to be wonderful and's so nice to sit around the farm and do nothing!
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