Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 13

It rained a bit during the night and due to the hill I was on, I woke up half on my sleeping pad and half on just my tent least I was dry! I woke around 6 and got everything packed away and everyone gathered at the main house for breakfast. Neville instructed us to form a circle in the yard and we went around and stated our names, where we were from, and something we were thankful for...a neat way to start the day! Breakfast was steak and onions, eggs, hash browns with cheese, and homemade bread with apple butter...delicious! We left the hostel around 9 for 10 miles of fairly easy but a bit rocky terrain. Some great views along the hasn't been clear enough to see anything for the past few days so the views were nice! We also saw our first rattle snake today! Apparently Full-Time was walking along the trail and unknowingly stepped over it...Fiber was close behind and said the snake actually snapped at Full-Time's leg trying to bite him! He was a little shaken up when we saw him! We all stopped and took pictures...the snake was about 3 feet long and pretty thick as he'd probably just eaten. He rattled and slithered away in all the attention. A neat thing to see!
Pappy's brother met us at the first "exit" for Pearisburg and gave us honey buns and Gatorade...yum! We piled into his mini van, said goodbye to Freight Train at the Dairy Queen, and stopped at the post office to pick up what I expected would be my new backpack. The lady brought out an REI package and by the size of the box I could tell there had been a mistake...aaaand there had been. Instead of sending me the Flash 65, I received the Flash 18...don't think I can fit all of my junk in an 18 liter pack!! Or maybe I will just go ultralight..? I will call REI tomorrow and hopefully get it all worked out.
We got to Greg and Bonnie's house and showered (two showers in two days?!) and they cooked us a delicious dinner of barbecued chicken, baked potatoes, corn, and cake for dessert. Bonnie made cookies so we've been snacking on those as well, and then we had nachos for a late night snack. So good! We play cards for awhile and decided to hit the sack as it's late and we're all worn out. We're zeroing tomorrow...always an exciting thing!
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  1. As appealing as some thru-hikers make ULTRA light hiking to be, sometimes I just need a few creature comforts... like a warm sleeping bag and a change of underwear! :) I hope your 65 liter pack arrives soon. I'm starting to rethink my love for REI after reading your experiences with them. I have a store about 30 minutes from me if you need a civilian on the streets, fightin' for your rights. hee hee... yo, but seriously... let me know. :)

  2. I'd like to hear a gear update, you've talked about problems with your pack and misting and puddles in your tent. I'd like to know how you feel it's holding up.