Friday, May 20, 2011

May 14

It is so nice to sleep in a bed! Okay, technically it was a futon but it totally counts. I slept well despite getting to bed late and waking up at 6. Greg and Bonnie fixed us a delicious breakfast of pancakes...we've been eating so well here!
I called REI this morning about the pack they sent me. They are supposedly going to send me the correct pack in Catawba, but they can't expedite the shipping so I'm hoping it's there when I get there! We piled in the minivan and Greg drove us to the post office where I mailed the 18 liter pack back and sent home some of my cold weather clothes as well...hopefully lightening the pack! We went to a couple of outfitters as well where Fiber got new tips on his trekking poles (one had come off completely!) and Pappy got a new pair of shoes. Next was resupply at Walmart where I tried to restrain myself from buying a huge amount of food...I think I did okay. We got back to the house and played food bag where we spread everything out and strip down all the packaging...always a funny sight! My food bag feels a bit lighter than normal...hope I have enough!!
The rest of the day was spent relaxing! We had sandwiches for lunch and lasagna and bread for dinner with cake and ice cream for dessert! We played Golf again after dinner and then dispersed for some much-needed sleep.
I also talked to Muffin Man today; he is about a week behind us in Atkins but seems to be doing well...hopefully he will catch us soon! Shepherd is supposedly getting back on the trail tomorrow or Monday so we hope to see him and Daisy soon as well!
Tomorrow we'll be hitting the trail in the afternoon for a short 7 mile day. My feet have been swollen, sore, and tender so I'm hopeful they'll feel better tomorrow after the rest they had today. Either way, it's been another great zero day!
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