Friday, May 20, 2011

May 16

Two months on the trail!!
Thankfully it wasn't raining this morning! Pappy, Veto, Fiber, and I left at 8 for a long-ish but easy-ish day. The trail was relatively flat for the first 7 miles, but everything was wet from yesterday and there were lots of rocks...I slipped and my knees dirty but that was about it. A few hours later I fell AGAIN! Fiber was behind me; apparently I tripped on a stick and went down on the rocks. I landed on my side and banged my knee pretty good but thankfully nothing was hurt. It took Veto and Fiber both to pull me up...hard to do that with a pack on! So, my wipe-out count is now up to 6...and 4 of those have been within the past 6 days!'s all the rain I think...everything is slippery! We're supposed to get a lot of rain (someone said 2 inches) tomorrow...the trail is going to be a muddy mess for sure!
We had initially planned to stop and camp at The Captain's, a guy who lets people camp in his yard. He lives across the river from the trail though so there is a zip line to get across. We got there around 2 though so decided just to stop and ride the zip line, then continue hiking. Captain Planet, Bear Bag, Vinca, and Poncho Verde were there as well and we took turns riding across the river...hilarious and fun. The Captain gave us sodas and we relaxed in his yard for a bit. It started to sprinkle shortly after we left but stopped by the time we got to Bailey Gap Shelter. Not a lot of tent spaces here so I'm on a pretty good incline but hopefully will be able to stay dry if/when it rains. It's been so gloomy for the past week or so...I want to see the sun!
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