Friday, May 20, 2011

May 17

It rained during the night as expected and I woke up damp but not soaked...could be worse! I left camp with Veto and we got lots of sprinkles throughout the morning. The trail was rocky and slick, and we took a lunch break at a shelter where Fiber and Pappy caught up to us. I decided to take off my rain pants as I was getting sticky (remember the diaper description?) and set back out on the trail with Veto and Fiber. Shortly after the shelter was a creek crossing with a "bridge" of 3 narrow logs spread across it...dangerous when wet! I inched my way across safely and we started our big climb for the day, about 1700 feet. It started to rain and then poured on us as we made our way up the rocky ascent. We came to a road crossing and found some trail magic in a box! Orange sodas and oatmeal creme pies...we stood in the pouring rain eating and drinking and then continued sloshing our way up the muddy trail. I was completely soaked, including my feet (wish I had left my rain pants on!), and was so glad to see the rain stop and the sun peak out for a few minutes! It didn't last long at all, and we got to Laurel Creek Shelter, set our tents up, and it started raining again. The weather gave us another break for dinner but it's raining again pretty tired of the rain! Everything is wet and so, so dirty and smelly! Really hoping it clears up tomorrow!
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