Friday, May 20, 2011

May 18

It rained all night but when I woke around 6:30 the rain had stopped. It wouldn't have mattered because all of my stuff is soaked anyway, plus with the fog and humidity nothing dries out. I put on my still wet (and cold!) shorts and t-shirt and headed out into the morning. The first obstacle today was a crossing of Laurel Creek. The water is swollen from all the recent rain and it was impossible to rock hop without getting my feet entirely drenched. I actually started across on the rocks, got my foot soaked, and retreated. Fiber was not far behind me and when he got there we decided to walk across a log that spanned the width of the creek, about 12 or so feet. Dangerous anyway, but a wet moss-covered log made it all the more tricky. We made it and continued on to the next crossing which was slightly less dangerous but still unnerving. Definitely the most dangerous crossings so far. The trail was fairly easy going for the first few miles, but was muddy and soggy from all the rain. My boots were still wet from yesterday but my feet were sloshing around pretty good after walking through a swampy cattle field.
We came to the Keffer Oak, the largest tree on the southern AT...pretty neat to see (and get a picture with, of course!). The clouds hung around and we got sprinkled on a bit but thankfully didn't get rained on when we crossed a rocky ridge where we had to walk on slabs of rocks on a cliffside...lots of slipping as everything was still wet but thankfully no falls for me...everyone else took a spill though! We stopped at Niday Shelter after a short 12.4-mile day, and it started raining shortly's so nice to be inside in the rain! It's been raining off and on ever since...I really hope the sun comes out tomorrow!!
I went to get water during one of the breaks in the rain...the path was a steep downhill covered in mud. Again, lots of sliding, and I actually fell going around a switchback and left quite a skidmark! My left cheek was covered in mud and everyone had a pretty good laugh about it when they saw...guess I'm wearing dirty shorts tomorrow!
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  1. You left a "skidmark"... so would I, but in a different form.