Friday, May 20, 2011

May 19

More rain last night but I was nice and dry in the shelter! It's rained every day and night since leaving Pearisburg on Sunday! The clouds were still around this morning but only dropped a few sprinkles. The trail was muddy though from all the rain...makes for some dirty hikers! My feet hurt a lot today so I was going pretty slow. I met up with Pappy at the Audie Murphy monument and we hiked together for a few hours. We passed through a huge section that had been destroyed by a fire recently...we could still smell it! Dragon's Tooth was the big feature today...a tough rocky climb toward the end of a 16-mile day but we made it to find Veto and Fiber waiting there. Veto had already climbed to the top but went up again with me...definitely the scariest thing I've done on the trail so far, but so awesome! It took me awhile to pull myself up over and through the rocks but I made it to the top and stood with my arms out for a picture...such an awesome feeling! And unfortunately the picture is on my camera so I can't upload it yet! The descent was scarier but Veto guided me down and I made it back on solid ground safely. Such a rush! The trail down from Dragon's Tooth was much more technical than expected...there were a few sections where metal bars were set in the rocks as footholds for climbing. Big steps, jumps, and scoots, and lots of hand usage (as opposed to poles) climbing down the rocks. We met Pappy's wife, Linda, at the road at the bottom and she drove us to Four Pines Hostel where we are going to stay tonight. The hostel is on a guy's farm and we are sleeping on cots and couches in his garage...very interesting, but a neat place! We then went to The Home Place for dinner and met Pappy's aunt and uncle there as well. We ate fried chicken, roast beef, bbq pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, beans, biscuits, green beans, cole slaw, and cherry cobbler with ice cream for dessert. The meal was served family style and was all you can eat...we enjoyed stuffing ourselves! A delicious meal. As we were leaving, the hostel owner showed up so Fiber, Veto, and I caught a ride back with him in the back of his truck. I took a shower and have been hanging around with everyone (about 12 people) here tonight...we've decided to zero here tomorrow!
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  1. Dragon's tooth and McAfee's knob were some of first trails I ever hiked! I grew up in Roanoke and we always ended each trip with a stop at the Home Place. Good luck with the rest of your hike!