Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2

I slept in this morning...didn't wake until 7! I was the first one up though and the first to leave camp for a 15-ish mile day full of climbing...approximately 4700 total feet of gain. My pack was immediately bothering me. Backpacks are designed to carry the weight on your hips. With the framesheet sagging, all of the weight was hanging from my shoulders...very uncomfortable. I hiked about 4 miles when Hard Back passed me, saying he saw a rattle snake not too far back the trail...I must have walked right past it! I mentioned to him about my pack and he suggested I ask Torch to take a look at it since he had fixed Hard Back's pack earlier on the trail. Not long after that I ran into Hard Back, Torch, and REM taking a break. Torch agreed to look at the pack so I emptied it out. He removed the framesheet and turned the pack inside out and pulled out his dental floss. He stitched up the rips with the floss and sewed in a bit of webbing for reinforcement while REM played some music for entertainment. A funny scene! Torch guaranteed me 100 miles on the stitching pack immediately felt more sag! Thanks Torch!
As I mentioned before, lots of climbing on the trail today but I felt strong. Tomorrow I will be on the section of trail I hiked last fall, near Mt Rogers...very exciting! I've been looking forward to this 1) because it's beautiful (hoping to see ponies!) and 2) because last fall I kept thinking, "I wonder if I will see this again if/when I thru hike..." Well, I'm thru hiking, and I'm going to see it again!
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  1. So happy for you, Lindsey! Glad you got to see the ponies.

  2. May God continue to give you strength as you walk through His handiwork. This is so exciting!!