Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 21

I woke at 6:30 to everyone else packing up...apparently I slept in! Bear Bag, Fiber, Veto, and I were on the trail by 7:30 for the hike to McAfee Knob...and we crossed the 700-mile mark!
We got to the knob and had a photo shoot of everyone hanging their feet off the awesome! I took my boots off and walked around on the warm rocks; it felt so nice! We lounged around for almost an hour and a half before getting back to the trail. My foot hurt even more after the break and my left hip started hurting as well...I think I'm falling apart! I'm switching shoes next weekend when my family visits so hopefully that will help with the foot problem.
We hiked through Tinker Cliffs as well and were treated to some awesome glad we had good weather for this section!
We got to Lambert's Meadow Shelter and not long after a guy showed up and said he had sodas and hot dogs at a campsite .3 miles away. We headed down there and enjoyed the food (including smores!) that he and his wife had packed in...awesome trail magic!
I'm staying inside tonight with Veto, Fiber, Bear Bag, Hooper, Bagdrop, and Peter. REM and Pappy are camped outside. We've been enjoying lots of's been an awesome day! Tomorrow we're doing 9.3 miles into Daleville (or DaleTrout as Fiber calls it) for lunch at Pizza Hut and resupply. Can't wait for pizza!
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  1. Lindsey, You are not falling apart. Human bodies were just not made for doing what you are making yours do. Enjoying your posts and pictures. Have fun!