Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22

Morning came fast and we all woke by 6:30. Whispers of "Pizza Hut..." floated through the morning air (seriously...lots of laughs as well) and I hit the trail a little after 7 with Fiber, Veto, and Bear Bag. The trail, which appeared to be pretty level on the profile, was frustratingly up and down all morning until the final descent into town. We met up with Bagdrop and Hoop for the last few miles. Hoop showed us how to "eat" honeysuckle...a first for everyone else! We met Pappy in town when we arrived around 10:30 and waited for Pizza Hut to open at 11. Peter, REM, and Little Knee showed up as well and we feasted! Bagdrop and Bear Bag were planning to stay in town so we stashed our packs in their room and resupplied at Kroger, and then got Bo Berry Biscuits (upon Fiber and Bagdrop's recommendation) at Bojangles...delicious! The entire time, Bagdrop was trying to talk us into staying in town...I didn't need much convincing! The day was hot, my feet and hip hurt, and a shower and laundry sounded appealing! I decided to crash on the floor of their room along with Pappy and Hoop. Veto and Fiber decided to hike on to the first shelter out of town; we'll catch them tomorrow!
There are lots of hikers here at the Howard Johnson in Daleville, VA...a big group went to a Mexican Place for dinner but Hooper and I stayed behind and ate ice cream instead...1450 calories of Ben and Jerry's!! Totally worth it. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot, around 90 degrees, so it should make for an interesting 18.6-mile day!
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