Friday, May 27, 2011

May 24

Another early morning! I left camp at 7:20 and headed down the mountain, meeting up with Bagdrop, Veto, and Fiber along the way. We were planning to stop at the swimming hole at Jennings Creek and when we got there, a couple was doing trail magic! They had homemade bread, apple butter, and cookies, and sodas and waters as well. We hit the swimming hole after eating...the water was so cold, but refreshing! Captain Planet, Fiber, Veto, and I went all in. I felt so much cleaner! And the wet clothes helped cool me off on the thousand foot climb that followed. We did lots of climbing today, and my left foot was really bothering me. On the last mile of the 2000-foot climb, I was getting sharp pains with every step and I was hobbling along and stopping every few steps. I admit, I had a moment of weakness and shed some tears, more out of frustration than anything else. I wanted so badly for my foot to just stop hurting so I could climb the mountain! It was slow going but I made it, and met up with the others at a shelter for a lunch break. We then continued on 5.3 more miles to Thunder Hill Shelter for a 17.2-mile day. My foot continued to hurt so I was limping pretty good for another thousand foot climb and the rest of the miles to the shelter. When I was close, I saw a guy coming the other way on the trail, and he said he was doing trail magic at Thunder Hill, and to make myself comfortable and he would be back shortly. Awesome! John cooked us breakfast for dinner: sausage, eggs, pancakes, OJ, and peanut M&Ms for dessert...amazing! A small crowd here tonight...Pappy, Fiber, Veto, Bagdrop, Captain Planet, Comfortably Numb, and myself. I'm tenting and hoping for a good night's sleep!
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