Friday, May 27, 2011

May 25

Awesome day! I woke at 6 and was on the trail at 7...the first to leave camp! My foot was pretty stiff in the morning but loosened up throughout the day and didn't give me nearly as much pain as yesterday. I made the 12.6 miles to Matts Creek Shelter for lunch by 12:30 and everyone else showed matter how early I leave, everyone always catches me! Tomahawk was at the shelter as well; we haven't seen him for over a week now so that was exciting! After lunch we only had 3.9 miles to go, including the crossing of the James River Footbridge, the longest foot traffic only bridge on the trail. It's a thru-hiker tradition to jump off the bridge into the river...I've been wanting to do it since I started the trail, and Veto agreed to do it as well. So, jump we did! The bridge was about 25 feet up from the water...the highest I've ever jumped! Veto went first and after I psyched myself up I jumped as well. I held my nose but the force of the landing blew my arm upward so it didn't do any good. The water was cold but felt sooo good on such a hot day. It was a long swim back to shore but I made it and was full of adrenaline! So exciting! While we were getting packed up, we were under a bridge and a train went came out of nowhere and was so loud! Neat to be under it though. The final two miles to Johns Hollow Shelter were hot, even with wet clothes and hair! And, some other exciting news...Muffin Man caught us today! He's been doing huge miles and finally made it back. It's good to have him back with us; now we just need Shepherd! I'm tenting again so I should get a good night's sleep again. Tomorrow is another big day: 18.3 miles, and then resupply in Buena Vista on Friday.
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  1. I think of you so often!! you sound like you are doing well! except for your foot:( hope it feels better!!

  2. Lindsey,
    My wife and I worship with your cousin Amanda. We were excited when she told us you were hiking the trail. We've really enjoyed your updates, and it's fun to compare your accounts to Muffin Man's. It takes us back to our 450 miles of AT hiking in 2006. You are about to enter where we started. We hiked the next 270 miles ending in Duncannon PA at "The Doyle", before we jumped ahead and hiked New Hampshire.

    Here are some highlights of our midstates hike you might enjoy. The first 5 days consisted of forgetting our trail guide, getting lost 2 hours after we started, not being able to find water for 10 miles one day, a bear entering our tent at Bear Mountain tent site, me nearly having hypothermia. I thought for sure we'd stop at the top of SNP, but things got better and we ended up hiking 5 weeks. If you have good weather hike to the top of Mary's Rock, we dropped our packs shortly up the trail and continued to the best view we had on our Southern hike. Bear's Den was nice and we wished we had stayed (we didn't stay at Blackburn either), it didn't work out for us. Harper's Ferry is a nice town if it's a weekday and they have a great Outfitter. We had pizza delivered to PenMar Park and camped in a field near some railroad tracks (loud train but no horn) about 1/4 to 1/2 mile after the park. We didn't make it through the Cumberland Valley in 1 day (it was hot, we took a nap in the afternoon and overslept), so we stealth camped in a small forrest of trees we found. I didn't do the half gallon challenge, but I wish I would have. Watched a fellow hiker eat it in 24:50 but could have done it much faster, but he only wanted to beat the best time we could find in the book. His key was letting it melt a little and only eating the melting parts. One of the more impressive things I've seen.

    I hope you guys continue to have a great time.

    Tom & Kendra