Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 26

I left camp around 7 again for yet another big day, one that started with a big climb! About 2000 feet right off the bat...nothing like that to warm you up in the morning! I knew it was going to be another hot day when I was dripping sweat before 7:30! And hot it was. I stopped at Punch Bowl Shelter for an early lunch and intended to fill up on water there as well, but the water was brown and chunky so I decided to hold off for the next source. When I got to the road crossing where the water was supposed to be, Captain Planet was there and said there was no water, but he had a liter and a half and gave me half a liter...much appreciated! I filled up at the next source. The last 6 miles were pretty tough as my foot was getting pretty achy, and I was the last one to roll into camp at Brown Mountain Creek Shelter. I took a nice dip in the creek to cool off and wash off and felt so much better! I'm sleeping in the shelter tonight with Muffin Man, Bagdrop, and Captain Planet. Hoping I don't get eaten alive by bugs as they have been bad lately...I have 59 bites on my left arm and 39 on my left leg!
Another exciting thing happened today: I met a ridgerunner who I've met before! Regina was hiking the Benton MacKaye Trail in the fall of 2009 when my family and I did a hike through the Smokies and we crossed paths. I recognized her when I saw her today...small world!
Tomorrow we're resupplying in Buena Vista, which is about 9 miles off the trail...should be my first hitchhike! My thumb is ready!
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