Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 27

The bugs weren't nearly as bad last night as they have been, and it stormed during the night so I was glad to be in the shelter. The four of us inside were up by 6 and on the trail by 7. My foot was really swollen this morning and pretty painful as well. The swelling subsided after about 15 minutes of hiking and the pain was reduced enough after half an hour that I was walking semi-normally. As soon as I would stop, though, my foot would just throb and it was difficult to get moving again.
The guidebook mileage was off and it was only 1.8 miles to the road instead of 2.4. Pappy, Bagdrop, and Muffin Man were trying to hitch when I got there, and I stood out by the road for about a minute...two trucks came by back to back and the second one pulled over for us...I guess it's true that it's easier to hitch with a girl along! We piled in the back of the guy's truck for the 9-mile ride into town and got dropped off at Hardee's for breakfast. Fiber, Veto, Tomahawk, and Captain Planet were in the second hitching group and arrived about 20 minutes later. We then resupplied at Family Dollar, got a ride from Pat, the owner of a local wine shop, who took us to her store to stash our packs for the day. We visited the library and lunched at Franks for the Memories with Mingo and Freight Train (different Freight Train than the one who visited). We debated getting back on the trail when we heard the weather forecast...severe thunderstorms all afternoon. Sooo, we decided to camp in town at Glen Maury Park. It did rain and storm, so I'm glad I wasn't on the trail! Got a shower too! There was a concert here at the park tonight, a local cover band, The Worx. Fiber, Veto Tomahawk, and I checked it out...pretty interesting to say the least. They played a little bit of everything...country, rock, and hip hop. Not the greatest show but it made for an interesting and entertaining night. It's raining again but is supposed to be finished by morning. My foot is still swollen even though I iced it all afternoon. Maybe the club foot (haha) will be better in the morning? I keep telling myself it will...
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