Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 28

WThe rain last night was finished when I rose around 7. I heard Fiber and Tomahawk talking outside and when I emerged from my tent, the first thing Fiber said was, "Look at my bug!" There was a huge, probably 2 inch, bug on his tent, with long, 1 inch, pinchers. Never seen such a thing! He poked at it and it flew away, right into the window of a truck nearby. Ha!
The five of us and Tomahawk gathered in the pavilion and decided to walk to a convenience store nearby. We then needed to figure out how to get back to the trail, so we stood by the road and tried to hitch. Tomahawk started walking and was picked up in like, one minute! So Fiber and Veto split off and started walking as well. Pappy, Muffin Man, and I stood around for about 15 minutes with no luck and then began walking, and a lady in a small pickup offered us a ride. Yes! When we got back to the trailhead, my parents and sister were there! Wasn't expecting to see them yet! Pretty exciting though. They met the crew (Fiber and Veto showed up shortly after us) and then we hit the trail while they headed on to a road crossing to meet us later. We started with a 2000 foot climb following by some shorter ups and downs. It felt like slow going since we didn't get started until 10! My parents, sister, aunt, uncle, and family friend met us at Salt Log Gap with sodas and snacks...awesome! And new shoes for me! They are Keens as well but are shoes instead of boots. They felt pretty stiff at first but after wearing them for awhile felt okay. I think part of my foot problem is just that I needed new shoes...hopefully that is the cure! So we all hit the trail to Seeley-Woodworth Shelter, about 6 miles from the road crossing and pretty easy terrain. Saw a rattle snake too!..sitting right along the trail. I also switched out sleeping bags and am now using my 45-degree synthetic.
It's been neat to have my real family meet my "trail family"! We've had a fire going so it's another late night...I'm up past 10! Bed time!
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