Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31

Well I didn't get the AYCE pancakes but breakfast this morning at Weasie's was delicious!
The foot felt a bit better this morning and I got an early start but was still the last one to the road. Pappy had waited for me and we got a ride into town from a guy bringing another hiker back to the trail. He took us to Weasie's where we met up with everyone else for a delicious breakfast. We were planning to stay at the Grace Lutheran Church Hiker Hostel but knew we couldn't get in until 5 so we headed to the laundromat next. The day was hot, hot, hot, and I burned up in my rain gear waiting around for my laundry! When we were finished we headed to the outfitter. The tips on my poles (and Veto's and Pappy's) were broken (must be an 800-mile thing?) so we needed replacements. Pappy and I hitched a ride and picked up Veto along the way; Fiber and Tomahawk ended up walking all the way there! I got the new tips along with some seam sealer to try to patch my tent when I get the chance.
The same guy who took us to the outfitter gave us a ride to Kroger where we resupplied. Comfortably Numb, 2per, Henry, and Little Knee were there as well and we sat outside for awhile killing time. We decided next to walk to the YMCA as they offered free showers...soap and towel included! Amazing! We waited around a bit longer until the hostel opened, dropped our packs, and headed over to an AYCE Chinese buffet. I tried sushi for the first time!..not bad! In the hiker box here at the hostel, there was a set of hair clippers so Fiber gave Tomahawk and Veto haircuts (he had gotten one himself earlier today)...entertaining! Several more people have shown up tonight; we're sleeping in cots in the church basement, and they have food and internet access for us here...an awesome place! It's supposed to be another hot day tomorrow so we're unsure of our plan...but that's what's so great about the AT...no plans are necessary!
And I can't believe tomorrow is June 1! Time is flying!!
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  1. It took me some time to figure out what AYCE is. :)