Friday, May 13, 2011

May 4

No bear bag incidents to report today!
The morning was cold as expected but full of sunshine. I left the shelter with Pappy and Veto and we made our way up the trail and across the 500-mile mark! An exciting thing! The clouds rolled in and threatened rain but with the cold temperatures we actually got some sleet just as Veto and I were pulling into a shelter for lunch. Pappy, Fiber, and Shepherd caught up and we hiked the rest of the day together mostly. The sky alternated from sunshine to clouds to sleet to rain, and after stopping at a campsite, we decided to continue to Trimpi Shelter for a 20 mile day. It didn't feel like 20 miles; I felt good all day despite (or because of?) the cold. We are tenting as the shelter is full and it started raining just as dark came so everyone is in bed. Tomorrow we're planning a short day to Partnership Shelter where we will be able to order pizza and have it delivered .2 miles away!
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