Friday, May 13, 2011

May 5

Today began cold as well but the sky was blue. Knowing I only had 10.6 miles to go, I took my time getting out of bed (7:30!) and didn't leave camp until 9:30. The trail was beautiful and the cool weather made for great hiking. I walked through a cattle field, across a few gravel roads, and through the mountains. The trail was easy and I made good time and arrived at the shelter at 1. I waited for the others to arrive, set out my tent to dry, and even took a shower!..Partnership Shelter is amazing! We called for pizza and had it delivered to the visitors center nearby...I ate an entire large pizza! Not the best quality but certainly delicious out here. I did a bit of laundry as well and let everything dry in the sunshine. It's been a beautiful and relaxing day! There are about 20 people here and we've been enjoying a fire outside as it's another chilly night. Aaaand...we've decided to take a zero here tomorrow. Fiber's knee is bothering him and everyone agreed that a day off will be nice. We plan to get a ride into Marion to resupply. We also will be losing Shepherd and Daisy tomorrow; they are going to Texas for Shepherd's girlfriend's graduation. The group will be down to 4 for awhile! It's still strange to be hiking without Muffin service hasn't been good so we don't know how he's doing...I hope he's back on the trail!
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