Friday, May 13, 2011

May 7

Another beautiful morning on the trail! Cooler still but lots of sunshine. Veto, Pappy, Fiber, and I left camp around 8:30. The trail today was fairly easy...lots of downhill and no significant elevation changes. We knew that we would be passing the road to Atkins and heard from a section hiker that The Barn, a restaurant near the trail, was a good place to stop, so we headed there for lunch and feasted on burgers (everyone but me got a 16 oz burger!), fries, and an ice cream sundae for dessert. Perfect! We continued on the trail under I-81 and through a few fields and decided to stop after just about 13 miles. We're camped at a nice spot near a spring with several others, including James and Jen, Gumby, Twoper, Ponch, and a few more. Dinner was ramen tonight as I wasn't too hungry from the big lunch. I did pack a jar of Nutella this time out though and have made an embarrassingly huge dent in it already! It's like eating gooey chocolate...amazing, as you can imagine.
Now for sleep; it seems that the easy days make me more tired than the hard!
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