Friday, May 13, 2011

May 8

It rained through the night and into the morning. I woke around 6:30 to a light rain and noticed a LOT of condensation in my was dripping down so the floor was pretty wet as well. Lots of misting too...the force of the rain knocked little bits of condensation down so I was getting a nice spray on my face and the top of my sleeping bag. There was also a tiny puddle in the most downhill corner, and when I finally decided to get out a little after 7, I noticed water under my pad as well. At least it wasn't as bad as last time! It was still raining lightly when I got out so I donned the full rain suit as I packed up a sopping wet tent and groundsheet both plastered with dirt. I don't mind the wet so much as the dirty...when it rains, EVERYTHING gets covered in mud and little wet pieces of forest.
I left camp at 9 knowing there would be a few climbs today but aware as well that we would pass mile 545.25...the 1/4 mark! I immediately was sweating in my rain gear so I stopped about a mile in and took it off as the rain had quit. (Also took advantage of a rare trailside privy!) Wearing rain pants feels like wearing a wet diaper while sweat inside and there's not an easy way to ventilate without getting wet. I was much more comfortable when I continued hiking. As expected, the trail went up and down all morning. Veto, Pappy, and I stopped at the VA 610 crossing for lunch. The grass was wet so I sat right on the road and ate...only one car came and didn't seem to mind! We were surrounded by open farmland and I had to use the bathroom so I ended up just going right alongside the road! Haha, just another one of the many things I've done out here that would seem totally ridiculous in any other situation.
The trail continued through the cattle fields (lots of land mines!) And the sun actually appeared! Amazing how much the weather can affect your mood out here. Two miles from Knot Maul Branch Shelter, we happened upon some trail magic!...that always brightens your mood as well! We drank sodas and ate pb&j sandwiches and then met up with Fiber at the shelter. We decided to push on a bit farther and are camping next to Lick Creek tonight. It's a beautiful spot right by the water, and I set all my gear out to dry and air out. We only came about 13 miles today but tomorrow will probably do 18 or so. My feet were a bit sore today...hope they will hold up for me!
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  1. Congrats on your QUARTER marker!! That's so exciting and you should be uber proud of yourself, Lindsey. :)