Friday, May 13, 2011

May 9

I woke at 6:45 with a decent amount of condensation inside. Pappy was the only other one awake and we ended up leaving camp just as Fiber and Veto were getting out of bed. The day began with a 600-foot climb, and 4 miles in we got some trail magic! Full-Time, a fellow Buckeye, had some friends visiting and they gave us Powerade, crackers, cheese, and homemade cookies. The good food definitely helped power me up the next climb...4 miles up 2000+ feet. Most of the climbing was done in the first 2 miles so the last 2 were pretty gentle. The trail took us up across Chestnut Ridge, a beautiful setting of open fields with great views, but hot on a sunny day! Lunch was at Chestnut Knob Shelter, and I continued on for 10 more hot and exposed miles to Jenkins Shelter for the night. My feet were getting pretty squishy and I had some chafing going on so the shelter was certainly a welcome sight after 18.6 miles! Another crowd here and I'm tenting as the weather is supposed to stay clear...I think there's a chance of rain tomorrow though. Dinner was taco rice with jalapeno cheese and hot sauce that Tomahawk picked up from Taco Bell...delicious! And a candy bar for dessert, of course. There is a privy here but it has no walls! Pretty funny to see a toilet just sitting on a platform like a throne...
Oh, and Tenderfoot is here with the kitten he found alongside a road 5 days's probably only about 4 weeks old but he's keeping it and feeding it instant cute!
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