Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 11

So much for sleeping in! I woke up at 7...not surprising. I headed downstairs to find the breakfast area crowded and nearly wiped clean! Lots of hikers here as well as tourists; there is some kind of festival in town this weekend so the hotel is booked full. I waited around for the food to be restocked and feasted on yogurt, biscuits and gravy, muffins, and cereal. And it was so nice to eat breakfast and then go back to the room and relax! Bear Bag and Veto did a pack "shakedown" for me and helped me get rid of some things. So I walked to the post office and mailed home a pair of socks, my jacket, and a pair of leggings...close to 2 pounds of stuff! We had to switch rooms for tonight so I checked us out and checked back in. We moved across the hall and now have 4 people in a room with 1 king bed! We had a few visitors today of Veto's friends came to say hello and his parents came to visit as well. They gave us a ride to Walmart to resupply and took us out to dinner too...thank you Lynn and Joe! It's been an unsurprisingly good zero day but it's back to the trail tomorrow!
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