Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 12

The Comfort Inn was absolutely amazing but we had to leave sometime and today was the day. We took our time getting packed up and met Veto's parents on the trail when we crossed through town. They hiked with us for a few miles along the flat and beautiful C&O towpath; Joe even carried Veto's pack for a bit! Haha! They left us at the end of the towpath and we continued on. As we neared Gathland State Park, we began to hear thunder. We stopped at the park to take advantage of the bathrooms and it started to sprinkle. Plan B and Smooth had arrived as well so we all hung out under the pavilion and waited out the storm. Good timing on our part! It didn't last more than an hour and we were back on the trail by 4 for about 5 more miles to Rocky Run Shelter. The terrain today was pretty flat but still rocky, although the 16 miles felt pretty easy...strange to be able to say that! We met back up with Pappy as well, and Muffin Man is back on the trail now. Oh, and we crossed into Maryland! State #6!
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