Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 13

The night got chilly! I woke up early this morning to Bear Bag fiddling around with something beside me. He had unzipped his sleeping bag when he went to bed because it was hot but he got cold in the night and was trying to zip it back up. I was actually a bit chilly myself and zipped my bag up the rest of the way. The morning was cool but pleasant and sunny. We passed through lots of history on the trail today--Pappy, Fiber, Veto, Bear Bag, and I hiked together all day and saw a civil war battle field, a small museum, and the original Washington Monument. The day was cool and breezy and the terrain pretty level although still rocky, rocky, rocky. We crossed over I-70, stopped for lunch at the view at Annapolis Rocks, and ended up at Ensign Cowall Shelter for a 15.7-mile day. Pappy's brother who lives nearby met us here and took the five of us to Golden Corral in Hagerstown for dinner...amazing! Thank you Steve! We gorged ourselves and made a quick stop at Target before he drove us back. I'm sleeping in my tent tonight...first time in awhile! I couldn't get my stakes in on the tent platform I'm on so I'm using my freestanding pole. I've been carrying it for 1000 miles so I might as well use it, right?
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