Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 14

Another awesome day. I woke to another chilly morning, ate a honey bun that Pappy's brother had given me for breakfast, and left camp with Bear Bag. We hiked together for the morning and met up with the others during our morning snack/second breakfast break. We all hiked together and took a short side trail to High Rock where we had a nice view of Maryland and Pennsylvania. The weather stayed cool and breezy and made the annoyingly rocky terrain slightly more bearable. Slightly. We stopped for lunch at Pen Mar Park where a ranger gave us a bag of potato chips that he said another hiker had left behind. I couldn't resist and jumped on one of the swings in the exhilarating to travel so fast! Shortly after lunch we crossed the Mason Dixon line into Pennsylvania! State #7! The rest of the trail was equally rocky and relatively flat. We did 16.9 miles to Antietam Shelter, and got sprinkled on for just a few minutes this afternoon. I'm sleeping inside for fear of rain, although it's cleared off a bit this evening. Old Forge Park is only .1 miles from here so Bear Bag and I had a pizza delivered for dinner...such a treat on the trail! Tomorrow we're stopping in Fayetteville for resupply and the day after that is the half gallon challenge...time to start the mental preparation!
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