Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 15

How can I describe what an incredible day it's been? Nothing out of the ordinary happened but so many good things came together and made the day perfect. I didn't sleep very well last night in the shelter and Bear Bag and I were both awake at 5:30. We were intent on "sleeping in" though and didn't get up until nice to just lay around! We hiked together the entire morning over mostly level terrain. We had a 1000-foot climb and a few smaller ones but they weren't too difficult. The trail was still rocky though which slowed us down. The plan today was to resupply in Fayetteville, PA. We couldn't get a ride in but had an easy .8-mile walk to a local grocery store. Pappy, Veto, and Fiber were already in town; we stocked up, loitered in front of the store for a bit, and got back on the trail to Quarry Gap Shelter...a short 13.4-mile day. The weather was absolutely perfect and I barely broke a sweat--sunny, low 70s, and breezy. This shelter is amazing...very well maintained and in close proximity to water. All day my feet hurt less than usual and I felt like I could walk forever...I just kept basking in the easy terrain, pleasant company, and beautiful weather. I can't believe that we'll reach the halfway point tomorrow; the first 3 months have flown by. I hope to have the time to write a halfway point reflection in the next few days.
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