Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 17

It rained during the night so Bear Bag ended up sleeping in the campground bathroom! Haha, he wont live that one down for awhile! We knew today would be a fairly easy and "short" day at 15.6 miles so we took our time, took a few breaks, and stopped for about an hour at Green Mountain Store .2 from the trail for sodas and snacks. The last few miles included a few short and steep climbs and two "rock mazes", as the guidebook called them. We picked our way through and over boulders...actually pretty fun! It was a good day to Alec Kennedy Shelter...not many tent spots so I'm sheltering yet again. We're the only ones here--it's strange how spread out everyone has become! We're starting to see more sectioners and less and less thru hikers.
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