Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 20

I slept surprisingly well in the dirty Doyle and woke around 7 feeling refreshed. We took our time getting packed up and left town around 11. The trail followed the streets through town and across the Susquehanna River for a few miles before returning to the woods. We only had 4.6 miles to go but the last 2 were rocky and made for slow going. We arrived at Clark's Ferry Shelter around 1 and called it a day...I love getting to camp early! We set up and have been lounging around all afternoon. A few people took naps; I caught up on some of my writing. We have a fire going now and Fiber and Bear Bag have been showing off their juggling skills...they make it look so easy! I tried my hand but didn't have much luck. We are the only people here at the shelter tonight...strange but peaceful.
Looking back on the Doyle, I have to say it wasn't THAT experience for sure, but the place had lots of character and made for an interesting stay, to say the least!
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