Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 24

It poured the rain last night! Lots of lightning and thunder too, and I found a new leak in my tent at one of the door seams. Will definitely need to repair it!
The five of us left camp this morning for about 9 miles into Port Clinton. The trail was rocky but pretty flat and we made decent time, although the final descent into town was killer...nearly a thousand feet in about a half mile. Very steep and dangerous as everything was wet from the rain last night. We intended to camp at a hiker pavilion in Port Clinton but weren't very impressed with it. We decided to resupply and head back to the woods, but I did wash my hair under the COLD spigot at the pavilion and felt surprisingly "clean"...still smelly but every bit helps! We split up to hitch into nearby Hamburg to resupply. Bear Bag and I got a ride pretty quickly to Walmart and met up with the others there. We then lunched at Taco Bell, which satisfied my most recent craving. Another easy hitch back to the trail and about 3 uphill miles later, we're camping next to a spring along the trail. The bugs have been terrible tonight...I actually bought a pair of pantyhose today to slip on once I get into camp; maybe that will keep the bugs away?
Supposedly we're getting into the really rocky part of PA now, and we're only planning for 12 miles tomorrow...looking forward to a short day!
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