Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 25

I slept well last night; apparently a group of people stopped by our campsite around midnight looking for a place to stop, but I didn't even wake up! I got up around 6 as usual and took my time packing. We all met up at Pulpit Rock and checked out the view and a copperhead! First copperhead I've seen on the trail. While we were there, two more slithered out from under the rocks! Very cool; Fiber got some awesome pictures but I didn't get too close. We headed on to The Pinnacle for a great view of the valley below. Lots of people were there since it's a Saturday but it was nice to enjoy the view and sunshine from the rocks. We finished off the day along a very easy and comfortable trail. We are staying at Eckville Shelter tonight; the shelter is in someone's backyard, and even has a flush toilet and a shower! We set up camp in the yard and I took a very cold but refreshing shower. It's been a beautiful and relaxing day, and the weather is supposed to stay nice for awhile!
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