Friday, June 10, 2011

June 3

Another 20! Going for the triple 20s here...yesterday was 20 even, today was 21.4, and tomorrow will be 23.9...big days!
I woke around 5:30 this morning and decided I wasn't ready to get up, so I laid around until 7...very late for me! I saw one bear on the trail this morning...pretty good sized but it lumbered away when it saw/smelled/heard me. Muffin Man's shin was really hurting him today so he decided to head back to Waynesboro with Santa's Helper, who brought us sodas at a road crossing. Love trail magic! The group is getting even smaller as Pappy is going to take a zero with his family and Fiber, Veto, and I are going to hike on. We'll meet back up in Harpers Ferry.
(I'm not meeting my goal of detailed fact I'm getting even worse as I'm writing this one almost a week late...hence the lack of details...)
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