Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 6

I heard the mice running around last night but they didn't get into my stuff. No snakes either! I woke around 5 and was the first one up. Everyone planned to get out early as we had a big day ahead of us: 23.6 miles! I left camp with Veto and Fiber at 6:30 for the 7 miles to Elkwallow Wayside where we stopped for a break. My new pack felt different but wonderful! It fits me so much better than the Flash! The miles were fairly easy and we made it to the wayside in about 2.5 hours. Bear Bag and Tomahawk showed up shortly after and we "resupplied" in the little store by topping off our food bags with cookies, snacks, and other junk. Got some food too at the little restaurant...I just had a blackberry shake--delicious! I took advantage of the bathrooms and treated drinking water and got back on the trail about an hour later. I hiked with Bear Bag for the 5.8 miles to a water source, and then we stopped with Fiber at a road crossing for lunch. Tomahawk and Veto showed up as well. There were a couple of rangers there too and they asked us questions about our hike and talked with us for awhile. From lunch I left with Bear Bag and hiked with him for the rest of the afternoon; we have a similar pace so I can actually keep up! I stopped and called REI (had to use his phone as AT&T had service and Verizon didn't...what are the chances?) They gave me instructions for returning the broken pack and I ordered the new pack for Peru. It's supposed to be at the ATC headquarters on Thursday so all should work out! Hoping it does.
The terrain wasn't difficult but very rocky and hard on the feet. We took a break at Compton Gap and got some trail magic! An older couple questioned us about thru-hiking and gave us some almonds. Then a day hiker came out of the woods and saw us and asked how we were doing. Bear Bag said he'd be better if he had a cold beer, and the guy responded by offering us sodas (diet Squirt, haha) from a cooler in the back of his truck. Nice yogi-ing, Bear Bag! We finished off the last few miles to Tom Floyd Wayside shelter, exiting the national park on the way. The Shenandoahs were pretty "flat" and not very difficult. We got some awesome views and got to see lots of wildlife as's been enjoyable!
The water here is a loooong way down a steep hill...not what I wanted to do after hiking 23 miles! But, I got my water, cooked dinner, and am sleeping in the shelter again because I didn't feel like setting up my tent. My feet felt better today than they did after the 23.9 miles 2 days ago so that was nice. And tomorrow is a "short" day...only 18.1 miles! Ha!
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  1. Tom Floyd Wayside is reportedly haunted. When I stayed there there was all sorts of weird noises. The water is a bit out of the way.